Ev Yu


Please introduce yourself!

I’m Eva Yu. I’m a zine maker, artist, and store owner.

Juggling from one venture to another, how do you manage to balance all the things that you do?

I usually schedule work depending on the deadline. My daily routine would be housework in the morning, shopkeeping at UVLA in the afternoon until 7PM, and painting at night. But there are days I fully devote to painting at home. Making zines is also very important to me, because this is where I practice and figure out the things I like to draw.

How was your childhood like?

I’m an only child, but I grew up with many people around me. I used to play in the garden a lot, because I had many pets, mostly rabbits and chickens. I was happiest when nothing interrupted my routine, when classes are dismissed early, and when I was allowed to sleep late to watch horror movies on Friday nights.

Growing up as an only child, do you recall having any imaginary friends?

I didn’t have imaginary friends because I was afraid of ghosts as a child. I don’t think I will speak to things other people don’t see.

Kidding, of course, but could you tell us about your family dynamic?

I have a traditional Chinese family (my father’s side) and my lola with many stories and OFW titas (my mother’s side). I both have quiet and noisy families, strict and lenient, health food and junk food families.

How natural was it for you to follow this career you’ve chosen?

Work life is a continuous thing. I never had an office job or interned for anyone because we opened UVLA Store when I was in 2nd year college. I sold handmade things for a year, practiced sewing by making gowns for another year, and eventually focused on buying/selling vintage stuff. Looking for old things had always been part of our family weekends, so we gradually accumulated things for the store. Setting up shop is a slow, hands-on process. You have to like it too much to keep a shop.


I don’t mind failing at things, as long I know I tried my best.
I don’t like too many plans and very little work.

How has it been since setting up shop?

The shop is an ongoing project—understanding how it works, its seasons and maintenance are the constant challenges.

Going into your personal art, how do you develop your creative growth?

I like working alone in a quiet space. Work should be done well and be disciplined about it. When one produces quality work, it’s a sign of passion. Creativity and growth aren’t end goals but side effects of the work process.

Do you have any dream projects in mind?

No dream projects yet.

Is there something that frustrates you about your current career?

I don’t mind failing at things, as long I know I tried my best. I don’t like too many plans and very little work.

What do you do when you feel that frustration looming up?

Eat and sleep well for a while.

Lastly, what’s the future like for you?

I want a stable income and a happy family.

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