Paul Bularan (Visignal)


Please introduce yourself!

My name is Paul Bularan. I am 24 years old. My shipping address is Blk 16 Lot 16 Avida Settings, Molino 4, Bacoor City, Cavite, but I spent most of my formative years in Manila, near my college, which I finished in 8 years because I loooove school so much. I spend most of my time looking at Pinterest, biting off of other people’s work, especially Braindead. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher of principles and elements of design. I love wearing Nikes on my feet. I run something called VISIBLESIGNAL. I make t-shirts, reading materials, and skateboard hardware. VISIBLESIGNAL’s mission is unclear, but the vision is 20/20.

What do you think you were doing in your previous life?

I was a deranged catholic priest named Massimo Vignelli preaching the word.

Jumping back to this present lifetime, what led you towards your current path?

I started my career as an intern at Pepsi for advertising and marketing work and ‘dun ko na-realize na I don’t want to do any advertising and marketing work for any company but my own.

Has there been any challenging projects you encountered since that realization?

No challenging project as of now, pero kung paano ko siya ipo-produce, ‘yun ang challenge.

Pero if ever may challenge, ⌘+N lang.

What project would you say have you been most proud of so far?

My favorite work is when I made the poster for Local Loca’s Papel De Ahensya pop-up. I feel like it says a lot about me. But dream is to work with upholstery pioneers for furniture work and to DJ my first House set.


‘Dun ko na-realize na I don’t want to do any advertising and marketing work for any company but my own.

Do you religiously follow any rituals before starting on a project?

I go Pinterest, I type “streetwear design” and look for inspirations. Then, I go open my Photoshop or Illustrator tapos of all the pieces na nakita ko from my search, di ko gagawin kahit ano doon. Last step ng process ay iisipin ko kung anong caption ang ilalagay ko pag pinost ko na sa Instagram.

Joke lang.

First, I put my favorite music on blast. Then, scan my Insta feed. Pag may nakitang maganda, I try to imitate it—to study how they did it. I learn the technique, then I try to make my own. Then think of a caption for Insta.

You mentioned of browsing your feed for inspiration. How does this challenge you to become a better artist?

I’m most motivated when I see “brands” with shit art direction. When I’m not skating or reading, I make fun of “streetwear brands” on the Internet. I only work with people who I think aren’t trying hard and are dorks to what they like to do. No cool guy image. I encourage growth and creativity by trying to show that “If I don’t like your brand’s Facebook page, it basically means it’s shit.”

What do you usually do when you run out of fresh ideas?

Mga ideas na mapapamura ako bakit di ko naisip agad yun inspire me. Just do other stuff when you face a big wall, ⌘+Tab mo ulit sa Photoshop ‘pag nakaisip ka bigla or nakakita ka ng astig na poster sa Pinterest.

You seem to have a lot of healthy angst within in you. What else frustrates you?

What frustrates me the most is when I can’t land a trick, eh kahapon lang na-land ko pa, like kickflips. And biters. Bakit ako pa ginagaya nila eh nanggagaya lang din ako.

So what do you usually do to avoid that hapless feeling of being burnt out?

Fancy eating with the girlfriend. Or SaladStop.

Lastly, what’s the future like for you?

I dream of an aesthetically pleasing planet Earth.

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