Wavelengths by Kaan Agraan

Shot during her trip in Taiwan, Wavelengths is a visual love story of Kaan Agraan and photography. Capturing its beautiful strangers and its genial streets, the stillness of her photographs unravel a touch of solitude encapsulated in gentle hues. See Taiwan in tender frames dipped in lilac, amber, black and white, and seafoam green down below.

Kaan Agraan is an aspiring 🍃halaman 🍃above all things. Little did she know that she’s been one ever since. Just like a plant, she was a tiny seed being showered with support from her nurturing parents who cultivated her creativity by signing her up to different summer workshops for music and art. Just as when she was certain that her path was leading towards Sound City, she began to branch out as soon as she was introduced to Photoshop, and eventually, photography. However, getting stuck in a corporate job stunted her growth as she was taken away from the light side — and we all know that plants need the some light to grow.

Leaving her with a craving for experimentation and creative freedom, Kaan was about to snap – until she finally did. She quit her corporate job, got back to her roots, and started snapping photos again, and the result is WavelengthsOften seen sporting an all black fit while gazing at the beauty of random strangers, cityscapes, and mundane objects, Kaan Agraan captures ordinary moments in rose-colored frames. While most would do it for the heart reacts, she shoots from the heart.

Apart from rekindling her love affair with photography, she’s also currently a resident graphic designer-slash-photographer at Vigi Design Studio.


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