a safe space
to learn, explore, and express

we solve commercial, personal,
and social issues,
through art, design, and business

we publish the things that need to be discussed
the things that nobody wants to talk about

we do mentorships, meetups, talks,
and workshops,
exhibits, and pop-ups

and we celebrate creativity
by recognizing who’s done a good job
in making our world a better place

That's Better.


Let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that commercial publications may be afraid of publishing. From social issues like sexuality, sex education, standards of beauty, depression, and mental health, to commercial concerns in the creative industry and the business of art and design, we’re here to write about it, and you’re here to help us spread the word.


We’ll help you disconnect from your smartphones and make a successful connection with people in our industry. Loaded with snacks, drinks, and good company, like, share, and subscribe to their stories and make new friends through our monthly MeetUps.


If you’re getting tired of talking to yourself, try listening to other people instead. Coming from different industries and practices, get to hear seasoned speakers talk about things we love to make and do, from art expressions and design thinking solutions, to business processes and personal wellness.

Trainings and Workshops

Sometimes, our creative juice can dry up and leave us with a blank canvas. We’ll get you around that artist block through our curated courses available, and if there are courses that aren’t available, we can create it ourselves.


Allow senpai to not only notice you but to guide you in your career as well. Learn from the best of the best in order to be the best through our mentorship programs, with activities ranging from one-on-one mentorship to peer-to-peer sessions.

Exhibits and Pop-ups

We’re guilty of exposing fresh talent, and that’s a load of craft. Apart from flashing the good stuff through online and gallery exhibits, we’re also giving you an opportunity to earn extra cash on the side with our pop-up retail events around the metro.

Commercial, Social, and Personal Projects

Once your projects pop, the fun never stops. To avoid a burnout, we’ll help blur the lines between personal and commercial projects and see a better vision of your art’s desire.

Conferences and Festivals

We’re putting back the art in party as we celebrate creativity by having an affair with the people who made our world a little better through conferences and festivals. It’s also a good time take a break from year-long stress from work.

Open Studio

You think you’re gonna spend your cash? You won’t. Even if you were broke, our love won’t cost a thing. Just help us out with our ongoing projects and lend your skills in research, writing, photography, illustration, design, and other thingamabobs. Whether you’re a student, a fresh grad, or a freelancer, our space is open for some creative penetration–but please be gentle.

Creative Residency

Home is where your art is, and we’re looking for young creatives who would like to make our house look better. Running from three to six months, applications are open to all local artists and designers who are willing to draw positivity into our humble abode.

Share our goals of fostering creativity, spreading inspiration, and sparking change. Together, let’s make bigger things happen.

Never Stop Learning ™